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All buyers or sellers who deal with me will be entitled to 6 hours of free moving with E-Rick Déménageurs Inc.!

Déménagement inclus Déménagement inclus

Here is some information to understand how it works

Time management

For each move, a maximum of 6 hours (including 2 professional movers, the moving truck and transportation) will be paid by Matthieu Pépin Courtier Immobilier Inc. The hours will be calculated from the E-RICK DEMÉNAGEUR INC warehouse on the rue Pépin in Sherbrooke until the return to the warehouse. Any additional hours to the 6 hours paid by Matthieu Pépin will be invoiced by E-Rick Mover to the person moving “you” at a cost of $140 per hour. In order not to have any surprises, you will have to contact E-Rick Déménageur to find out the time remaining in your time bank during the move.

Reservations for removals and logistics of assistance

No moving will be done on Saturday and / or Sunday, only the time banks available on the schedule of E-Rick Déménageurs can be allocated to you (be careful when we approach July 1st the movers are busier).

E-RICK MOVER INC. will be responsible for contacting the owners of the households to establish the time of the move, to estimate the number of hours required to carry out the move and to establish a moving strategy. E-RICK MOVER INC. will let household owners and their (non-professional) friends help with the move. In the event that non-professionals help with the move, E-RICK MOVE INC. cannot be held responsible for damage to furniture or property caused by them.

Common sense

Attention! It is important that the boxes are ready! Under no circumstances will the movers make boxes for you. It is also important that the entrances to the houses and the street in front of the property are clear and free of cars. Entrances, sidewalks and stairs that are icy and snow-covered must be cleaned and free of ice.

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