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February 2, 2023 • Lifestyle

Real Estate Broker Sherbrooke | Decorating on a low budget with rising costs

Courtier REMAX, Agent d'immeubles Sherbrooke, Agent Immobilier Courtier REMAX, Agent d'immeubles Sherbrooke, Agent Immobilier

Like all spheres of society, inflation has not spared the world of decoration. Furnishing and furnishing a room is much more expensive today. It is then necessary to use ingenuity to succeed in decorating on a low budget. It is still quite possible to do so by following these four rules to save.

Decorating on a budget: planning and taking your time

Decorating is an exercise that deserves to take its time, because it is not enough to put together all the furniture and objects that you like to create a harmonious decor.

Planning will help you define the style of the room you want to create and not buy disparate or unnecessary things.

Not rushing will allow you to really assess what you need to invest in and what you can salvage or tinker with.

Finally, by taking your time to create your decor, you will have the chance to find the furniture and objects you want on sale or second-hand on classified ad sites.

Build your decoration

It’ll be no secret that having DIY skills goes a long way in reducing decorating expenses. With the current price increase, it has become a necessity. In addition to the savings that this can generate, doing things yourself has the great advantage of allowing you to personalize your decoration. You will have a unique object that you can match with the colors of your decor.

Here are some ideas for projects you could do on your own:

  • Covering a chair with a new fabric;
  • Repaint a piece of furniture;
  • Create and arrange photo frames;
  • Sewing curtains, cushion or sofa covers (if you like sewing);
  • Building a shelf;
  • Create a work of art to hang on the wall like this plant weaving;
  • Make a lamp;
Courtier REMAX, Agent d'immeubles Sherbrooke, Agent Immobilier

Transform furniture or objects

What often makes a room beautiful is when the furniture is perfectly suited to the space. However, custom-made furniture is much more expensive than standard furniture. The solution therefore consists in adapting to your needs a prefabricated piece of furniture that you will have found at a lower price in a store or second-hand.

Of course, not all furniture lends itself to this kind of transformation, but we can think of several examples of furniture misappropriation:

  • An old chest of drawers can become a washbasin cabinet;
  • a basket can become a lampshade;
  • A ladder can become a shelf;
  • A wooden pallet can become a bed base;
  • A door can become a table;
  • A screen can become a headboard;

In conclusion, decorating as costs rise comes down to patience and creativity. You will be rewarded by the time and energy you have put into refining your decor, with the satisfaction of having done things yourself and especially that of having saved a lot of money.

by Stéphanie Guéritaud
Published February 6, 2023

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