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January 19, 2023 • Design

Real Estate Broker Sherbrooke | All about 2023 home decor trends

Like every fall, the decoration trends for the next year are revealed. This is the best time to inspire you to create a perfectly up-to-date decor.

What color to put on the walls? What types of furniture to buy? What decorative accessories are popular? It is better to be aware of trends in order to design current decors! To guide you, here are some of them:


A pantry like a walk-in closet

Modern kitchens will have an expansive pantry, as big as a bedroom walk-in closet! We want to be able to store a good amount of food there, and see everything in our inventory at the same time. It is a practical arrangement.

However, you have to have the space to create this type of pantry: it should not be done at the expense of the living space in the kitchen.

Wood, always wood

A timeless material prized by designers everywhere, wood will also be seen in 2023 in our homes. Moreover, it is difficult to get tired of it since it can take different forms depending on trends. In years to come, blond, natural, unstained wood will be the preferred one. It can be found in flooring, furniture or accessories.

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Oversized luminaires

Light fixtures are decorative elements that have a strong impact. They can steal the show or, on the contrary, be more discreet. In this case, they are said to support an atmosphere. In 2023, both ways are possible. However, we will rather see imposing luminaires with large shapes that will become the center of interest!

Environmentally friendly materials

The environment is at the heart of the issues, but also at the heart of our decorations. More and more, the trend is to turn to materials that have a small ecological footprint. For example, recycled wood or hemp insulation boards.

In our layouts, we will prefer used furniture and accessories. We also favor local purchases and ecological paint that contains far fewer chemicals than the usual ones.

Plant fibers

For the composition of accessories and furniture, plant materials are popular. For example, a rug made of cords, wicker baskets, a hemp frame or linen curtains. Again, this is for environmental reasons. But it is also because these fibers harmonize well in natural settings, which are in vogue.

Beige on the walls

Natural and zen decorations will be everywhere in 2023. If white has long been used for this type of atmosphere, now we prefer a less contrasting and warmer color.

This is why the walls and ceilings will rather welcome beige or even taupe. If you go for a white, make sure it has a little hint of beige in it. To the eye, this detail will make a big difference, without losing the fresh and clean side of white.

Raw material elements

Terracotta, porcelain, ceramic, concrete: these materials will be everywhere. But be careful, sparingly! They will rather be seen in our accessories or as material for small furniture. Think of a floor lamp, a decorative bowl, a counter or even a coffee table.

Furniture with moving curves

Curved lines are much more trendy than straight ones, and have been for a few years now. The domed and round shapes are in the spotlight. In 2023, the lines will be more and more moving: waves or eclectic layouts will invade our homes! Think, for example, of doilies in the shape of a paint stain, an undefined area rug or a vase with a distorted silhouette.

Don’t forget that you can mix trends and styles to create a decor in your image!

Article originally published on Mon Coin de Vie

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